Natural Burials

How to get a natural burial

There are two ways to arrange a natural burial:

Arranging through a funeral director

Contact your local certified funeral director listed here and state that you want to be buried at the Natural Cemetery. They will advise us of your plot booking and organise the following on your behalf: payment of our registration fee ($299 inc GST with marker $199 inc GST without marker), provide a coffin that meets our standards, arrange for payment of the local council fees and conduct all their usual services for you.

Certified funeral directors on-charge our registration fee. This covers a personalised engraved wooden plot marker (if required), our certification system for funeral directors, cemeteries and coffins, and the work of our not-for-profit organisation over-seeing and promoting the cemeteries.

Self managed

Call 0800 525 500
We will register the deceased and plot with your chosen natural burial cemetery. The cost will be $299.00 inc GST, with marker / $199 inc gst, without marker. You will need to pay the local council’s plot, interment and maintenance fees yourself.

Advise us if you need a funeral director or other assistance
We can enlist the services of a certified funeral director for you. They will contact you immediately. Please note that they will invoice you directly for their services.

Natural Burials does not provide funeral services.

Order a natural coffin
Remember that you will need to use a coffin that meets our standards