Natural Burials

Certified Coffins

We certify coffins, caskets or shrouds from the following manufacturers for use in natural burial cemeteries.

All coffins are required to meet our standard requiring locally sourced untreated wood, minimal metal fixings, water-based wood glues, natural material linings and handles.

When we started, we had to make our own coffins. Now there are dozens of models and designs available, made by almost every local manufacturer. We do not certify imported materials, including bamboo.

Suppliers of certified coffins

Baldwin Furniture

Down to Earth

Windsor Industries

Go Willow

Outside the Box (Becs Bartells)

Return to Sender

Rob Green, Fielding

Taylormade Furniture, Masterton (06 377 5022)

Accepted coffins

(2nd tier. One core component manufactured or synthetic)
Departure Lounge