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South Island cemetery update


We’ve had a large number of inquiries from the south island recently about local natural cemeteries. You are now well served.

The natural cemetery we have certified is in Blenheim. This is large and attractively sited.

The cemeteries following most of our protocols, but small and/or without natural bush cover are in Dunedin, Nelson and Motueka.

There is an uncertified cemeterty in Invercargill (only 30 plots).

We’re afraid that despite our best efforts there is no natural cemetery in Christchurch. The best we’ve achieved thanks to local efforts is a very small (15 plot) site for natural burials in Diamond Harbour.

4 thoughts on “South Island cemetery update

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there, I’m sorry but we are not aware of any plans for a site near Timaru. There’s a lot of activity in the north island right now thanks to efforts of people that we’ve been able to connect in their home towns.
      Unfortunately we haven’t had inquiries from Timaru. But there is in Timaru a knowledgeable advocate and author of New Zealand guidebook “Arranging a Funeral – What You can Do Yourselves”,
      Philip & Dorothy Tomlinson, 23A Seddon Street, TIMARU. Ph 03 688 1333. Em: pdtdmt @

  1. Ido Funcke

    Any reason Christchurch is not having a plot? The Shands road cemetery falls under Selwyn and is close to Hornby. Is that and option. Seems to have plenty of space.
    The concept appeals to me and I have always said not wanting to be embalmed as I think this is totally unnecessary in our climate and with other means of keeping the body cool..

    1. admin Post author

      We beleive Christchurch is now in the stages of selecting a specific site. In the meantime, there are a couple of spaces available at the councils natural cemetery zone in Diamond Harbour, Banks Pensinsula

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