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Whakatane Cemetery and funeral directors certified

We’re pleased to announce the certification by Natural Burials of the Hillcrest natural burial area in Whakatane, and certification of the Willetts Funeral Services to provide natural burials.

The wonderful people at Whakatane District Council have created a lovely natural burial area at the Hillcrest Natural, and involved our organisation and locals every step of the way. We congratulate them on their effort and swift organisation of the cemetery.

The compassionate and skilled staff at Willetts Funeral Services were keen right from the start. We congratulate them on easily passing our rigorous standard for having the capability, facilities and caring approach necessary to provide natural burial services.

Download the Whakatāne Natural Burials Information Guide – (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Whakatāne Natural Burial Tree List – (PDF, 831 KB)

2 thoughts on “Whakatane Cemetery and funeral directors certified

  1. Carolyn

    Hello, The Wairoa District Council has made provision for Natural Burials in their bylaw, and has set aside an area for these burials. We need to know how to get certified etc.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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